5 Ways To Help You Appreciate Art Like A Pro

Although you may feel that the art world may seem a bit closed-off, there are ways to learn to appreciate art and discuss art critically in a nuanced manner. Some people feel that because they are not natural artists, art itself is seen as something beyond their grasp. Fear not! We are here today to discuss 5 ways to get in touch with your inner artist and begin appreciating art like a pro.

1) Have an open mind

Often times, we find ourselves at an art gallery looking at what appears to be a sloppy melange of pastel markings, and can’t see any meaning past that. First things first. Look over at the caption to get a bit more context. Find out which era the painting comes from, the artist’s intention, inspiration, etc. Make an attempt to connect it to your life, this will help you make a more personal connection

2) Start Small

It’s important to not get overwhelmed by experiencing art, especially if you are a novice. This can lead to a kind of “sensory overload” which may end your forays into this new hobby. If you are visiting a new museum or gallery, stick to the exhibits which receive the most foot traffic, since this is what most people are connecting with. Consider hiring a museum tour guide, since they can reveal interesting tidbits you may not have picked up by yourself.

3) Take a Class

Look for local art classes that you can attend with your friends. This will turn an ordinary class into a fun night you and your friends will remember for a long time. Not only will you walk away with a newfound appreciation for art, but you will also have the experience of creating your own painting, which you can then compare with your friend’s.

4) Do Some Research

Start with taking note of which artforms you are familiar with. Proceed to dig a little deeper into each one, trying to find out its history, and most prominent artists. Do some online research on how to perform each of those art forms. Look at some examples of actual artwork, and try to connect with the artists’ intention.

5) Visit more Museums

Once you have begun getting a feel for these artforms, your next step is to see live examples of such art at your local museum. It is advised that you bring along a friend so that this task becomes less daunting, and the both of you can also discuss what you see together. This can be both a fun and informative activity.